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Winstar Gets Approval From the GSA, Federal Technology Service on Twelve Federal Metropolitan Area Acquisition Contracts

NEWARK, NJ – November 11, 2002 – Winstar, a subsidiary of IDT Corp. (NYSE: IDT.B, IDT), is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the General Services Administration’s Federal Technology Service to novate or assume twelve of its Metropolitan Area Acquisition (MAA) contracts. The novation agreement is a legal instrument that allows Winstar to be substituted in place of old Winstar Communications, Inc. in its contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA). The process of novation is used by the Federal Government to recognize a successor in interest to a Federal contract and represents the Government’s approval of the new company to fulfill these contracts.

“GSA’s approval of Winstar’s novation agreements is a landmark development for IDT and Winstar and is a resounding approval of the company’s superior fixed wireless technology,” said Jim Courter, CEO of IDT Corporation. “This is good for both Winstar and the Federal Government. It will generate significant revenue for Winstar and give government agencies access to high-quality, cost-effective and reliable telecommunication services that will enable the government to better serve all citizens.”

Since being acquired by IDT, a multinational carrier and telephone company, Winstar has been working diligently to novate these twelve Federal MAA contracts with the GSA. The old Winstar Communications originally received the MAA contracts during 2000-2001. Winstar’s fixed wireless technology has been deployed across the United States, providing broadband services to over 50,000 government telephone numbers. Winstar’s installed base of MAA services ranges from basic local dial tone to high-speed data services.

“IDT is a company known for technological innovation and these twelve MAA contracts will give Winstar the opportunity to supply the government with the finest fixed wireless technologies and services available,” said Brian Finklestein, CEO of Winstar. “This will ensure that government users, such as federal agencies, federal contractors and certain federally supported universities and laboratories can benefit from Winstar’s current suite of services as well as new technology enhancements as they become available.”

Winstar represents a high value and high quality alternative for Federal Agencies who desire broadband services whether for local dial tone, critical network infrastructure diversity solutions, redundant building access solutions, or an array of campus and metropolitan area broadband Homeland Security initiatives.

The GSA has previously relied on Winstar to provide emergency services to several government facilities for disaster recovery networking after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and continues to use Winstar to support selected agencies’ needs for business continuity networking outside of these MAA contracts.

Winstar, an IDT Company, is the reliable choice for local and long distance voice, data, high-speed Internet, and business continuity-standby networking services for business needs. Winstar’s unmatched facilities-based network utilizes fixed broadband wireless technology to deliver highly reliable, affordable services as your primary or supplemental choice to the Regional Bell Operating (RBOC) monopolies in 22 U.S. markets. Excellent customer support, superior network reliability, and the financial stability of IDT make Winstar the smart choice for your telecommunications services.
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