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IDT Media Teams Up With Creators of Stanley and PB&J Otter to Develop Children’s Animated Series

NEWARK, N.J. – November 5, 2002 — IDT Media’s Digital Production Solutions (D.P.S.) today announced that it has signed an agreement with Jim Jinkins and David Campbell, founders of Cartoon Pizza, to develop an animated children’s series. IDT Media is a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT.B, IDT), a multinational carrier and telephone company. Cartoon Pizza is a leading developer and producer of entertainment for children.

Under the terms of the deal, D.P.S. and Cartoon Pizza will co-produce and jointly own the new animated property. D.P.S. will be utilizing its proprietary Global Animation Studio for production.

“Working with the creative folks at Cartoon Pizza is a great opportunity for D.P.S.,” said Jim Courter, IDT’s CEO. “Jim Jinkins and David Campbell have a track record for producing high-quality children’s programming. They are known for creating entertainment content with mass-appeal that respects the intelligence, experience and feelings of kids.”

“It’s both a pleasure and a challenge to work with Jim and Dave,” says Yehuda Wurtzel, CEO of D.P.S. “They are wonderful storytellers who understand the hopes and fears and delights of children, but they never let their target audience be an excuse for production values that are anything less than the best.”

Cartoon Pizza is the creator of the hugely successful Doug, Stanley and PB&J Otter, and the executive producers of such hits as the animated series 101 Dalmatians for Disney, Allegra’s Window for Nick Jr., The Busy World of Richard Scarry for Random House, and The Beginner’s Bible for Sony Wonder.

D.P.S. is currently producing 26 episodes of the popular children’s animated series Monster by Mistake under an agreement with CCI Entertainment, Ltd that will be broadcast on television on a worldwide basis.

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