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NRS Digital Media Launches StrataSelect

StrataSelect Enhances Resonance of In-Store Retail Media with Hyper-Targeting

NEWARK, NJ, Feb. 26, 2024 — NRS Digital Media, a division of National Retail Solutions (NRS), today launched StrataSelect, an in-store retail digital media planning solution that enables brands to achieve data-driven, value-based, store targeting across more than 28,000 NRS digital screens hosted by an independent retailers nationwide.

Conventional in-store campaign planning treats all stores equally. But because customers differ from store-to-store in significant ways, conventional targeting consistently yields sub-optimal outcomes.

In contrast, StrataSelect utilizes a proprietary computational process to analyze diverse data sets including store-specific NRS retailer scan data, demographics, consumer behavior, geographic trends, and category and brand purchase data.

This deep data-driven approach enables brands to strategically place their messages in specific stores, creating meaningful connections that drive brand awareness, consideration, intent, and trial.

StrataSelect transforms traditional media planning strategies by leveraging a detailed, contextual analysis of each of our retail stores’ customers,” said Eli Korn, Chief Operating Officer of NRS. “This hyper-targeted approach enables brands to build campaigns that resonate more deeply with their chosen target audiences, reaching the right audience at the crucial moment of decision. StrataSelect is another way that NRS Digital Media innovation empowers our advertising partners to achieve success in every campaign.”

Explore the limitless possibilities of targeted store selection with NRS Digital Media’s StrataSelect by contacting Brandon Thurber ( Vice President – Data Sales & Client Success, or Esther Hebbard ( Sr. Director – Advertising Sales.

NRS POS Network

The NRS network comprises approximately 28,300 active POS terminals operating in approximately 24,500 independent retail stores. Its platform predominantly serves small-format, independent, retail stores including convenience stores, bodegas, liquor stores, grocers, and tobacco and sundries sellers. The network includes retailers in all 50 states and in 197 of the 210 designated market areas (DMAs) in the United States. Over the past twelve months, NRS’ POS terminals have processed $17.2 billion in sales through approximately 1.2 billion transactions.

About National Retail Solutions (NRS):

National Retail Solutions operates the largest point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform and digital payment processing service for independent retailers nationwide. Retailers utilize NRS offerings to process transactions and effectively manage their businesses. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers, brokers, analytics firms, and advertisers access the terminal’s digital display network to reach these retailers’ predominantly urban, multicultural shopper base, and to harness transaction data-based learnings to identify growth opportunities and measure execution and returns on marketing investment. NRS is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).

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