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IDW Publishing Launches New Children’s Division and Imprint

Signs Distribution Agreement with Renowned UK Childrens
Publishing Firm; Pacts With Top Hollywood Screenwriters To Create
Childrens Books

In a precedent-setting move, IDW Publishing, a division of IDT Internet

Mobile Group and an established leader in the comic book and graphic

novel arena, is launching a childrens

division called Jonas Publishing and a new imprint, Worthwhile Books.

The move will allow IDW Publishing to expand its library of successful

print titles, which to date has been particularly focused in the horror,

action, and sci-fi genres, such as 30 Days of Night and The

Transformers. To launch the imprint, IDW Publishing has inked a

significant agreement with a renowned UK childrens

publisher and is striking deals with top Hollywood writers to create

childrens books.

Worthwhile Books has finalized a first-look arrangement with UK childrens

publisher Meadowside Books (,

known for its unique character-driven picture books for young readers.

Worthwhile will be the exclusive U.S. publisher of selected Meadowside

titles and will retain domestic film and television rights on those

properties. The first Meadowside Books title in the deal, Michael

Recycle, by Ellie Bethel, follows the escapades of a green-caped

environmental hero and will be released in March by Worthwhile Books.

Worthwhile expects to issue approximately 10 Meadowside titles over the

course of the first year, including Williams

Dinosaurs, by Alan Baker, which tells the tale of a little boy

who finds more than trees in the dark woods near his home.

Worthwhiles Hollywood outreach is tapping

into the top ranks of movie and television writing talent to bring

original literary stories to the young reading audience. The collective

credits of the entertainment writers include some of the industrys

most successful television series and movies. These writers include:

  • David N. Weiss, whose writing credits include Shrek 2, Jimmy

    Neutron: Boy Genius and both Rugrats movies

  • David Sacks, a writer/producer on The Simpsons, producer on Malcolm

    in the Middle, and writer on 3rd

    Rock from the Sun

  • Dava Savel, an Emmy Award- winning comedy writer with credits on shows

    such as Grace Under Fire and Will & Grace, in

    addition to being an executive producer on the childrens

    program Thats So Raven

  • David Steinberg, whose producing credits include Meet the Robinsons,

    Home on the Range and Cats Dont


  • Robert Kurtz, who wrote for the movie Everyones

    Hero and has written for such shows as Boy Meets World and Grace

    Under Fire

Our growth strategy calls for continued

expansion into other areas of the entertainment sector,

said Ted Adams, IDW co-founder and president. Creating

and controlling successful childrens

properties helps us in those endeavors. Meadowsides

books are playful, empowering, smart and exciting and the artwork is

simply breathtaking. These are childrens

picture stories in the classic tradition with a central character that

is relatable to todays kids.

In speaking of the outreach to Hollywood writers, Robert Kurtz,

vice-president and creative director at Worthwhile Books, said Every

writer I know who works in television or movies has a childrens

story inside him or her that theyve wanted

to tell for years but for a variety of reasons never were able to get

out into the marketplace. We want writers to think of Worthwhile Books

as the one-stop destination for that kind of project. It is designed to

be a writer-driven company and we think that will be very attractive to

these talented artists.


Idea and Design Works, LLC, (DBA IDW Publishing) is a division of IDT

Internet Mobile Group (IIMG). An established leader in the comic book

and graphic novel marketplace, particularly in the horror, action, and

sci-fi genres, IDW Publishing also owns Jonas Publishing and its childrens

imprint, Worthwhile Books. IDW lists some of the most successful and

hottest print titles in the industry in its portfolio, including:

televisions #1 prime time series CSI:

Crime Scene Investigation; Sony’s Underworld; Paramount’s Star

Trek; Fox’s 24 and Angel, and Hasbro’s The

Transformers. The feature film version of IDW Publishings

graphic novel, 30 Days of Night, recently topped the box office

when it premiered in October. The company also works with foreign

licensing agents to sell their comics around the world, with titles

being published in multiple languages and crossing dozens of regions.


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