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IDT’s TúYo Mobile Signs Distribution Agreement with SAM’S CLUB; TúYo Mobile Phones are currently on sale in 22 Locations

Newark, N.J. — September 14, 2006 – IDT Telecom today announced that TúYo Mobile has signed a distribution agreement with SAM’S CLUB, a division of WalMart Stores, Inc. TúYo Mobile phones are now available in select SAM’S CLUB locations. TúYo Mobile is IDT Telecom’s prepaid wireless service specifically designed for the mobile communication needs of U.S. Hispanics. IDT Telecom is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT, IDT.C) an international telecom and technology company.

Under terms of the agreement, TúYo Mobile phones will be available in 22 SAM’S CLUB locations in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada and Texas.  The Clubs are located in areas with sizeable Hispanic populations. The Clubs will sell the Motorola V190 and Nokia 6030 phones. A complimentary $50 worth of talk time is included with the purchase of a phone. Select SAM’S CLUB locations will also distribute TúYo Mobile recharge cards.

“SAM’S CLUB is known for offering quality merchandise to its Members.  TúYo Mobile will fit right in,” said Jim Courter, IDT’s CEO.  “TúYo Mobile offers exceptional value, convenience and outstanding international calling rates from IDT, a name consumers have come to trust.”   

TúYo Mobile will also host promotional events in select SAM’S CLUB locations. TúYo Mobile representatives will be available to answer questions and explain the features and benefits of the prepaid phone service. Advertisements in local Spanish-language newspapers will provide more information about these events.

TúYo Mobile provides many features and services that are important to Hispanic consumers, including direct international dialing, low rates to Latin America, state-of-the-art handsets, a fully bilingual customer experience, and country specific alerts featuring breaking news, sports, politics, and horoscopes.

A key differentiator of TúYo Mobile is its aggressively priced rates to Latin America.  Rates per minute are as low as 2 cents to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and 3 cents to Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, plus airtime.  Domestic airtime is as low as 10 cents per minute.

About TúYo Mobile:

TúYo Mobile is a prepaid cellular service that does not require a contract or a credit check and has no hidden charges. TúYo Mobile is geared towards the U.S. Latino market, offering its customers  a completely bilingual experience, direct international dialing, low rates to Latin America and culturally relevant content. The TúYo Mobile brand name comes from a combination of the Spanish words “tú” (you) and “yo” (I or me). Together they form the word “TúYo” (yours). The brand’s marketing campaigns include TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising and community events focused on Spanish-speaking consumers. TúYo Mobile offers Latino consumers high-quality GSM handsets and a suite of international voice and data features at affordable prices. TúYo Mobile is sold at authorized stores in Chicago, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

About IDT:

IDT Corporation is an innovative and opportunistic multinational holding company with operations that span various industries.  Through its Telecom subsidiary, IDT provides telecommunications services worldwide to the retail and wholesale markets. IDT’s Capital division incubates newer businesses, and the company’s Spectrum subsidiary holds its spectrum license assets. IDT Telecom provides retail and wholesale telecommunications services and products, including pre-paid and rechargeable calling cards, consumer local, long distance, and wireless phone services, and wholesale carrier services. Through Net2Phone, the company also provides a range of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) communications services. IDT Capital’s operations include an Energy Services Company (ESCO) in New York State, brochure distribution and other initiatives.  IDT Corporation’s Class B Common Stock and Common Stock trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols IDT and IDT.C, respectively.