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IDT to Launch TúYo Mobile, The Wireless Service for the US Hispanic Market


Newark, N.J. – September 13, 2005 — IDT (NYSE: IDT, IDT.C), a major provider of telecommunications services to Hispanics in the United States, today announced the launch of TúYo Mobile, a new prepaid wireless service.  TúYo Mobile is designed especially for the mobile communications needs of US Hispanics, a rapidly growing segment of over 42 million people.

TúYo Mobile will provide many features and services that are important to Latino customers, including state-of-the-art handsets, fully bilingual customer experience, low rates for international calling and text messaging, and culturally relevant music, ringtones, games, and graphics.  TúYo Mobile will leverage IDT’s considerable expertise, experience and infrastructure in the prepaid telecom market that includes an unmatched distribution channel in the urban market, an international long distance network, an innovative prepaid platform and leading calling card brands. 

The TúYo brand name is a combination of the Spanish words “you” and “me.”  Together the words take on the additional meaning of “yours.” 

“While other companies are just beginning to discover the Hispanic segment, IDT has been committed to providing highly valued products to millions of Latinos in their communities for over a decade,” said Jim Courter, CEO and Vice Chairman of IDT. “TúYo Mobile is one of a series of innovative new products from IDT that will continue to strengthen Hispanics’ link with their family and friends both here and in their home countries, as well as provide assistance with their acculturation into the US.”

IDT currently sells over 350 million long distance calling cards per year in the US through more than 300,000 retail outlets, primarily to the Hispanic community.  IDT distributes a suite of prepaid products including long distance and wireless phone cards through major retailers and convenience stores.  In addition, IDT currently offers mobile service in Russia and the United Kingdom.

“TúYo Mobile represents a revolutionary product built from the ground up to provide Hispanics with better value, including the unique features to enhance your lifestyle, and the great rates that let you stay better connected,” said Rob Schwartz, Executive Vice President of IDT Telecom and President of TúYo Mobile. “TúYo represents our continuing focus on meeting the individual needs of Latinos, which is more important than ever given the mega-carriers broader focus on the general population.”

IDT is working with global industry-leading companies to bring TúYo Mobile to market.  TúYo Mobile will be utilizing a major GSM wireless carrier, offering new handsets directly from Nokia and Motorola, using best-in-class logistics services from Brightpoint, and innovative SIM card solutions from Gemplus.  Hispanic agencies Marca Hispanic and Grupo PyR will be providing marketing and media support for TúYo Mobile. 

TúYo Mobile will initially be available to dealers from Union Telecard Alliance (IDT’s distribution affiliate) and select wireless distributors.  IDT intends to offer TúYo Mobile through retailers in Q4 2005.  Retailers interested in becoming a TúYo Mobile Authorized Dealer can find out more by calling 1-800-726-0041 or visiting

“TúYo Mobile is about connecting the diverse community of U.S. Latinos by being the most real, culturally in tune brand,” stated Stacy Pagán, TúYo’s Senior Director of Marketing.  “Finally there is an authentic Latino brand born in the U.S. and designed just for our needs and lifestyle.”

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