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IDT Spectrum, Inc. Establishes Aggressive Online Leasing Program

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT, IDT.C) today announced that IDT Spectrum,

Inc.its division that operates and markets

fixed wireless spectrum products and solutionshas

established an aggressive online leasing program for mobile and fixed

wireless providers that is accessible via its newly launched website,

“As the more than $19 billion raised by the FCC at its recent 700 MHz

spectrum auction clearly demonstrates, we are increasingly living in a wireless

world and IDT Spectrum is well-positioned to

unlock the potential of wireless broadband through our high frequency

Spectrum licenses. We have the ability to provide the bandwidth which is

necessary to successfully deploy these technologies,

said Jim Courter, IDT’s Vice Chairman and CEO.

With more than 1,250 licenses in its inventory, IDT Spectrum is the

largest holder of commercial high frequency exclusively licensed fixed

wireless spectrum in the United States, both in terms of nationwide

coverage and total bandwidth. On average, the Company holds more than

500 MHz of spectrum in the top 200 U.S. markets and approximately 940

MHz of spectrum in the top 50 U.S. markets. IDT Spectrums

licensesboth its 39 GHz and LMDS (28-31 GHz)

holdingsare contiguous across the whole

United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), giving the

Company the competitive advantage of being able to serve customers

nationwide. The licenses held by IDT Spectrum are suited for high

bandwidth point to point applications, including the needs of wireless

operators to carry traffic from cell sites to network access pointsreferred

to in the industry as backhaul.

Michael Rapaport, IDT Spectrums President,

added, IDT has a proud history of leveraging

advanced technologies to deliver high quality services at reduced

prices. IDT Spectrum looks forward to offering a high quality,

cost-effective solution to the backhaul bottleneck issue as wireless

carriers deploy more 3G and 4G services. To that point, we now offer a

fixed wireless solution that can offer nationwide, regional or local

spectrum leases either in large frequency blocks or point-to-point

links. IDT Spectrum is pleased to launch our new online leasing program

to serve backhaul and other customer needs, which will enable our rapid

time-to-market approach to get even faster.

About IDT Corporation:


Corporation is an innovative and opportunity seeking multinational

holding company with operations that span various industries. Through

its Telecom subsidiary, IDT provides telecommunications services

worldwide to the retail and wholesale markets. IDT Energy operates an

Energy Services Company (ESCO) in New York State. IDT subsidiary

American Shale Oil Corporation (AMSO) manages IDTs

oil shale ventures. IDT’s Capital division incubates newer businesses,

and the Company’s Spectrum subsidiary holds its spectrum license assets.

IDT Telecom provides retail and wholesale telecommunications services

and products, including pre-paid and rechargeable calling cards,

consumer local, long distance, and wireless phone services, and

wholesale carrier services. Under the Net2Phone brand name, the Company

also provides a range of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)

communications services. IDT Capital’s operations include receivables

portfolio management and collection, ethnic food distribution, brochure

distribution, Internet Mobile Group, Net2Phone Ventures and other

initiatives. IDT Corporation’s Class B Common Stock and Common Stock

trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols IDT and

IDT.C, respectively.

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