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IDT Sells Consumer Debt

Debt Portfolio Sale is Expected to Generate $18.35 Million in Cash

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT; IDT.C) said today that it has closed a
transaction to sell substantially all of the consumer debt portfolio
held by its IDT Carmel division for $18.35 million.

“The sale of our existing debt portfolio advances IDT’s previously
announced strategic objectives. We have eliminated our exposure to
fluctuations in debt portfolio valuations during a time of great
volatility in that market, increased our working capital, and further
narrowed management’s focus on core business operations,” said IDT CEO
Jim Courter. IDT stated that it has no current plans to acquire
additional debt portfolios.

IDT entered the debt collection and portfolio management business in
2006. During Fiscal 2007, its IDT Carmel division purchased consumer
debt portfolios for an aggregate purchase price of $78.4 million and
realized $5.4 million in revenue. In Fiscal 2008, IDT Carmel reported
$45.6 million in revenue, and an additional $8.9 million during the
first quarter of Fiscal 2009. As of October 31st, 2008, IDT
Carmel’s portfolio was valued at $59.5 million. The Company said it
expected to report a write down of current and long term assets from
discontinued operations totaling $37 million during the 2nd
quarter of its 2009 fiscal year as a result of the sale announced today.

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